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Originally opened in 1978, the quaint country store reopened under its original name in September 2019 by high school sweethearts Barb and Tom Prendergast of Cape Cod. Dedicated to marrying new with old, the Prendergasts are eager and determined to bring back the ‘Mom and Pop shop’ feel to the close knit community of Waterville Valley, NH located in the heart of the White Mountains.

Barb and Tom raised a family on Cape Cod and spent over 30 years visiting Waterville Valley across all seasons, before making it their full-time home.

When the opportunity to purchase the store arose, they saw a chance to reciprocate the warmth and personality to the town. The Prendergasts have the experience to do just that – spanning three generations in the valley, backgrounds in hospitality and business, and teaming up with original owner Kevin Morse – every need can be fulfilled. “We want it to be a place where people know your name, like Cheers,” Barb said. Embodying the philosophy, “if you’re good to people, people will be good to you,” under Barb and Tom, Jugtown meets the needs for an extended ski-day or summer hike by providing a full pantry of commodities right in the heart of town square.

Providing locally sourced products including Ben’s Pure Maple Syrup, Mad River Coffee, Loon Chocolates, local Craft Beers, as well as Jugtown's private label of products including jams, dressings, sauces, water, and old fashioned soda.  Tastes of the community are always represented and present. Contrasted by name-brand products, Jugtown is adorned with familiar names such as Stonyfield, Lindt-Lindor, Cape Cod Coffee, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, and everyone’s favorite: Boar’s Head. The shelves truly are stocked with your every need.

So what’s new? A wide variety of fresh produce from Upper Valley Produce, Village Frozen Meals from Milford, NH, Dole & Bailey Pop Up Butcher Shop, baked goods, groceries, beer and wine, household needs, and souvenirs! Let’s not forget hot soup, warm takeaway meals and snacks, serve your own coffee bar – And a lounge to take a load off and enjoy the aforementioned. 

The Prendergasts hope to make the
“should we stay one more day”
dilemma a very easy choice with Jugtown Country Store.

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