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Advil Film-Coated is designed to dissolve quickly, absorb rapidly, and go to work in minutes to stop pain before it gets worse. Advil Film-Coated Caplets have a Rapid Release Formula that is perfect for headaches, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, back pain, and the aches and pains associated with the common cold. The active ingredient in Advil Film-Coated is also an exceptional fever reducer. These tablets contain 200mg of Ibuprofen Sodium and are safe for ages 12 years and older. If you’re looking for fast-acting pain relief in an easy-to-swallow tablet, add Advil Film-Coated Caplets to your shopping cart today. Advil Film-Coated is designed to provide fast, focused pain relief directly at the site of inflammation. The medicine in Advil is the #1 doctor-recommended treatment for effective pain relief and the top-selling pain reliever among over-the-counter medications.

Advil Caplets, 24ct

SKU: 30573016020
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